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Rock Sam

Rock Sam 8/15/2018

2008 Hummer H3 Base 5 Cyl 3.70L


How do I diagnose P0106 OBD-II Trouble Code of my car and what are its causes? What causes Manifold Air Pressure (MAP)

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What the P0106 code means?

P0106 is the general code for a problem with the MAP circuit having problem of incorrect voltage output range or an issue with engine performance. The MAP sensor is an integral part of the fuel injection system and provides signals to the Engine Control Unit (ECU) for smooth operation and good fuel economy along with proper performance and power.

What causes the P0106 code?

Bad MAP sensor Water/dirt intrusion affecting MAP sensor connector Intermittent open in the reference,
ground, or signal wire for the MAP sensor Intermittent short in the reference, ground, or signal wire for the
MAP sensor Ground problem due to corrosion causing intermittent signal problem A break in the flexible air
intake duct between the MAF and the intake manifold

What are the symptoms of the P0106 code?

1. Check Engine Light will illuminate.

2. In some cases, the engine may be hard starting and/or get poor fuel economy.

3. In some cases, noticeably poor engine performance may occur.

Common mistakes when diagnosing the P0106 code:

Often expensive mass airflow sensors and barometric pressure or manifold air pressure sensors are
replaced when a simple cleaning of the MAF "hot wire" could rectify the condition. Corroded wiring and/or
connectors have also been reported by technicians.

What repairs can fix the P0106 code?

1. Verify the code with an OBD-II scanner. Reset the fault codes and perform a road test of the vehicle.

2. If the P0106 code comes back, then follow the test procedure.

3. Inspect the vacuum lines and intake hoses for cracked, lose or missing parts and electrical connector
and wiring. Disconnect the electrical connector and then reinstall to insure a fresh and positive electrical
connection. Then check the voltage output on the MAP sensor to see if it is in the correct range.

4. At this point it is best to determine if the MAP sensor is defective and if it has no or incorrect output,
then replace the MAP sensor. If all checks are good, then a final test to determine if the ECU is bad must be done.


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