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cwalls15 12/25/2012

1981 Chevrolet C10 Custom 8 Cyl 5.70L


how d i replace a fuel line from the fuel take to the mechanical fuel pump

i can smell gas but don't see any gas coming from the gas line

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Jimm 12/28/2012

1) Open the truck's hood and support it with the prop rod located inside the engine well. Remove the negative battery cable from the battery terminal using the battery wrench.

2) Slide the floor jack under the passenger side of the truck bed. Raise the jack head until it touches the underside of the gas tank.

3) Unbolt both gas tank retaining straps using a socket set. Lower the tank slowly until you can reach above it and disconnect the fuel lines manually.

4) Disconnect the rigid fuel lines from the fuel pump using the correct size flare / line wrench. Remove / disconnect the fuel line clips that hold the fuel lines in-place along the frame rail.

5) The installation of the new lines is the reverse of the removal.


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