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crummy 1/22/2012
1989 Chevrolet V3500 Scottsdale 8 Cyl 7.4L - Transmissions & Drivetrains
how do i change u joints and cv joints
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  • CVO
    CVO 1/22/2012
    There are three types of U-joints used in these trucks. The first is held together by wire snaprings in the yokes. The second type is held together with injection molded plastic retainer rings. This type cannot be reassembled with the same parts, once disassembled. However, repair kits are available. The third type (4WD models only) is the large constant velocity joint which looks like a double U-joint, located at the transfer case end of the front driveshaft on V-Series trucks.
    See this

    For the drive-shaft, see this
    crummy 1/30/2012
    I have the V-series truck. Do you have to take out pins at the same time?
  • RealMenWearBowties
    RealMenWearBowties 1/26/2012
    it would also help to heat up the ends of the drive shaft enough to loosen the u-joints

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