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Hugh 3/4/2012

1995 BMW 740iL Base 8 Cyl 4.00L

Steering & Suspension

How do I change out my power steering pump

Fluid is speewing all over

1 Answer

Jay Giron

Jay Giron 3/5/2012

Disconnect the negative battery cable. Release the pressure from the reservoir.
Draw the hydraulic fluid from the pump reservoir. Disconnect and plug the hydraulic lines.
Disconnect and plug the hydraulic lines. Remove the bolts and loosen the nuts to turn the adjusting pinion.
Remove the drive belt.
Remove the bolts from the brackets holding the pump and remove the pump assembly.
To install:
Situate the pump in position, then install the retaining bolts.
Install the drive belt.
The balance of installation is the reverse of the removal procedure. Tighten the adjusting pinion to 6 ft. lbs. (8 Nm).
Connect the negative battery cable, start the engine and inspect the power steering system for correct operation and for fluid leaks.

to bleed the system Fill the reservoir to the MAX mark on the oil stick.
Rotate the steering in both directions fully, to each stop, until all the air is removed from the fluid.
Check the oil level and fill to the specified mark, if necessary.


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