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engineman 7/7/2010

2005 Dodge Magnum SE 6 Cyl 2.7L

Steering & Suspension

how do i change the inner and outer tierods

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bear.1216 1/5/2014

First loosen the jam nut on outer tie rod. Then unbolt outer tie rod at the steering knuckle. Pop the outer out of knuckle. Remove the outer tierod from the inner and then remove the jam nut. Remove the outer and inner clamps from the steering rack bellows. The inner tie rod is screwed to the rack and pinion and can not be accessed unless you remove the bellows. There is a special tool to remove the inner tie rod. You may be able to get it off with a large wrench or pipe wrench. You can save some time if you measure the tie rod length to the jam nut or count the threads when removing the outer. This will get the alignment close to where it was before. You will need to have the vehicle alignment checked and adjusted immediately after replacing these parts.


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