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LuisGnz 7/29/2012

1995 Volkswagen Jetta Celebration Edition 4 Cyl 2.00L

Preventive Maintenance

How to change fuel filter?

Car will not crank, has fire and fuel is flowing but not sure if pressure is right. It fires but does not turn over. Has new plugs and cables. Perhaps coil is the issue?

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Jimm 7/29/2012

If the spark plugs have spark - strong blueish color - across the plug gap - then the problem is not likely the ignition coil. Test the ignition coil output, then make sure the fuel pressure is correct to the engine. Check the flow into and out of the fuel filter.
The fuel filter is located underneath the passenger side rear. It's not that hard - just a few normal bolts; either 13mm or 14mm. Detach the two lines. Make sure you take the gas cap off so there is not so much pressure on the lines. You may also want to use a vise pliers to pinch off the flexible gas lines so they wont leak everywhere.


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