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capt george

capt ... 5/26/2011

2008 Honda Fit Sport 4 Cyl 1.5L

Body & Interior

how do i change the cabin air filter

2 Answers

Spoon Sports

Spoon Sports 5/26/2011

There are some tabs or slits that need to be broken in the glove box. The allows you to squeeze the glove box inward to let it drop down. The filter is behind that. FYI, don't leave receipts and paper in the glove box it will suck it up it's so close.

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sal salvucci

sal salvucci 7/25/2011

Typically on newer cars the cabin air filter is behind the glovebox. On newer hondas, unlatch glovebox, then push in on sides of glovebox and glovebox will drop all the way. There will be a black tray with two tabs on side. Press on these tabs and the cabin air filter is in a tray, similar to opening a drawer. then replace filter, slide tray in and put glovebox in position


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