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Dpeete 11/10/2010

1991 BMW 850i Base 12 Cyl 5.0L


How to change the brake reverse light switch

When car is put in reverse, reverse lights will not come on.

2 Answers

Hot Pursuit

Hot Pursuit 11/10/2010

I assume you have checked your bulbs if they are still working thats why it led you to the switch.

Jack up the car to give you more room to get underneath, you will see the switch it will be on the passenger side towards the front of your transmission. Then you have to pull the wire harness off, search for the metal locking clip and push it in.

You will see it secured by a bolt, i believe using a deep sockets needed. After that replace and connect to 15 ft lbs.


vince^_^ 11/10/2010

Did you already check for battery voltage and ground at your reverse light connector, check the electrical connector ground for proper ground and clean the bulbs socket for corrosion?


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