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swiftj ... 5/31/2019

1995 GMC C1500 Sierra SLE 6 Cyl 4.30L

Preventive Maintenance

How many different bulbs are there in the average car?

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Partsavatar Canada

Partsavatar Canada 5/31/2019

Usually on normal cars, there are 2 headlights, 6 indicators that is 2 front, 2 rear, 2 either side. And have 2 fog lights , 2 rear foglights, 3 break lights and the last 1/2 reverse lights.However, modern carshave many other type of lightstoo that emits light in some form or other.

These days, all new car manufacturers making car's front headlight with daytime running led lamps, lights of sides of car and indicators which these days are a placed withLEDsfront fog lightsto give a better look to cars. There are side repeaters placed on the front fenders, rear light clusters with brakes, reversing lightsas well as foglights.

A high mounted stop light which is usually a strip of LEDs. Inside the car,for illuminating the vehicle's interior at night there will be two to six high mounted lights and probably two map lights in the front upper console, lights of footwell, legside lights, lights on the dashboard, doors etc and at least one light inside the glovebox.

And then you can add in all the lights in the centre stack plus a panel that may be on the rear of the centre console which is illuminating the controls and all the warning lights in the instrument cluster. A steering wheel of a car also has illuminate lights to controls at night. And the counting goes on!


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