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marion 9/21/2012

1992 Buick LeSabre Limited 6 Cyl 3.8L


How to get to bolts inside car for brake booster

Show diagraham please

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CVO 9/21/2012

1991-99 Vehicles
For 1994-99 vehicles with ABS, after bleeding the brake system you must perform an "Auto Bleed" sequence, using a Tech 1® or equivalent scan tool. If you do not have access to a suitable scan tool, your vehicle will probably have to be towed to a shop with the proper diagnostic equipment to have the procedure performed.

The booster can be removed from the vehicle without removing or disconnecting the master cylinder. However, if both the booster and master cylinder are to be removed, remove the master cylinder first.

Disconnect the negative battery cable.
Detach the booster vacuum hose from the vacuum check valve.

Unfasten the master cylinder attaching nuts. Separate the master cylinder from the booster. Move the master cylinder forward just enough to clear the booster studs. This will flex the brake pipes slightly, so be very careful not to bend or distort the pipes.
Remove the acoustical barrier from the booster studs, located inside the passenger compartment, under the instrument panel.
Unfasten the booster attaching nuts, from inside the vehicle.
Remove the booster from the brake pedal. Tilt the entire booster slightly to work the pushrod off the pedal clevis pin without putting undue side pressure on the pushrod.
Remove the booster from the vehicle, then remove the gasket.

To install:
Place the gasket on the booster. Position the booster in the vehicle.
Attach the booster pushrod to the brake pedal. Tilt the entire booster slightly to work the pushrod onto the pedal clevis pin without putting undue side pressure on the pushrod.
Install the booster attaching nuts and tighten to 15 ft. lbs. (21 Nm).
Install the acoustical barrier to the booster studs, located under the instrument panel.
Position the master cylinder to the booster and secure with the retaining nuts. Tighten the nuts to 20 ft. lbs. (27 Nm).
Attach the booster vacuum hose to the vacuum check valve.
Connect the negative battery cable.
For more information...... http://www.autozone.com/.../...rGuideContent.jsp


HouseCallAuto 9/21/2012

There is no magic answer here. They are awkward to get to. You will need universal joint sockets, deep or semi-deep preferrable and a few 3/8" extensions. There are no rules. You use any and all tools at your disposal to make a connection to the retaining nuts, whatever works. short wrenches, 1/4" drive flexhead ratchet, long 3/8" extension with flex socket. Diagram........uhhhhhh, nope.


macford 12/30/2012



CVO 12/30/2012

Didn't have enough information of the year and the engine displacement.
See this http://www.autozone.com/.../...rGuideContent.jsp

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