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Robert Ostlund

Robert ... 11/18/2016

1985 Ford F7000 Base 8 Cyl 10.40L


how to adjust rear drum brakes

I replaced the parking/ wheel cylinder on the left rear axel of a 1985 Ford F7000 with 7 inch wide shoes by 15 inch diameter drum. How do I adjust the brake shoes

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Jimm 11/19/2016

Chock the wheel on both sides, then wrench the 3/4" nut on the back of spring brake chamber until it pulls the spring brake all the way released, then attempt to back off the adjuster wheels on the adjuster cylinder.
This is typically difficult to do because at least on of the holes in the backing plate for adjusting brake is right behind the axle leaf spring.


Robert Ostlund 11/22/2016

Thanks for your answer!! That is certainly the easy way to do it. Now I understand how to install and adjust this type of brake. Thanks again for your help!!!

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