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EdgeAle 1/12/2013

2002 Kia Rio Base 4 Cyl 1.5L


How can I get my 2002 Kia Rio OCB-II O2 monitor to finish resetting? It is "not ready" after weeks & 100s of miles?

Cleared a code (for very small evap system leak) back in Dec. Three monitors are still "not ready/incomplete". I have been told that the other two won't finish until after the O2 monitor does.

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bigrob272 1/12/2013

I had the same problem with a different car find the drive cycle for Ur car try a cold start then get on the hway drive 60mph for 10 mins then let the car slow to 40mph by its self do not press the brakes or it won't work try this it worked for me


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