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Semper Fi

Semper Fi 4/19/2010

2003 Toyota Tundra Limited 8 Cyl 4.7L

Body & Interior

the horn and cruise control stoped working at the same time . I checked the fuse and they are fine. Air bag light on

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Blackwater 9/22/2010

Several problems can arise with the cruise control system. If your cruise control will not work at all, the first thing to check is the cable attachment to the throttle under the hood. It can pop loose, it can easily be popped back on, and a small piece of wire to hold the cable's attachment in place usually solves the problem.

Another problem with the cruise control can be a defect with the vacuum reservior

This test takes two people. With the volt meter check voltage to the wire with some one pushing the on button. There should be 12v. this tells the cruise to " wake up" ( it always has power).

Now switch to the ohm setting on the meter while having some one push the buttons look for these resistance values.

OFF 0 ohms
Resume 2200 Ohms
Set/Accel 680 Ohms
Coast 120 Ohms

all readings are plus or minus 5%

If you do not have these readings test the switches at the steering wheel.


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