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Lia 7/22/2018

2002 Honda Accord SE 6 Cyl 3.00L

Body & Interior

Would the hood of the car still be warm if driving in the rain

I know this may sound like a crazy question but i really need to know if you drive a car for about 30 mins in the rain about 65 degrees out, 6am, when you stop shouldnt the hood still be warm & not cool to touch? Or is it possible that the rain would cool off the hood completely?
Thank you!

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Jimm 7/23/2018

It depends, on how much rain fell to dissipate the heat. No way to determine, unless you measured with a rain gauge.


Teddy B 7/23/2018

The under hood temp is about 220 degrees & the hood will stay hot for
an hour or two,especially if you put the vehicle in a garage.


Lia 7/23/2018

Thank you both for your response!

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