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AutoMD ... 4/17/2014

2004 Honda Accord LX 4 Cyl 2.4L

Body & Interior

My Honda Accord, while running loses all electronics but continues to run until turned off.

My 2004 Honda Accord usually starts fine but sometimes while I am driving, all the electronics stop working (ie. dashboard, speedometer, wipers, stereo, etc) but the car itself continues to work. The electronics tend to cut in and out until I stop the car in which it won't start again until it is boosted using another car battery. This happens quite frequently, for example once or twice a week. What is going on

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HouseCallAuto 4/17/2014

Either the alternator is junk or you have a bad ignition switch. You have to do some tests DURING the time when the electronics go out. Are you able to replicate this issue while idling or it just happens only while driving randomly? My gut says alternator.


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