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jmb 10/30/2011

2006 Hyundai Sonata GL 4 Cyl 2.4L

Preventive Maintenance

Can I hold off repairing the EGR Valve?

Check engine light on chrysler 300 was revealed as the Egr valve

2 Answers

Hot Wheelz Automotive II

I wouldn't recommend it. The EGR system provides for faster warm up and actually can help to balalnce engine vacumm. When left in a non-working state, it can increase fuel trim.... it can cause a rich condition .... and lead to premature oxygen sensor failure and poor convertor performance. In other words .... it can cause more harm that good.


HouseCallAuto 10/30/2011

An in-operative EGR valve will simply set a fault code and cause a higher than normal reading of NOX at the tailpipe. So, it will affect your ability to get a state inspection sticker and cause you to pollute a little. Other than that there is no ill after effect that I can think of. What was the code? And what year and engine in the Chrysler 300?


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