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R0ck3t ... 5/10/2019

2007 Ford Expedition XLT 8 Cyl 5.40L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

High rpms no acceleration

High rpms no acceleration
So I ran into an issue with driving super high rpms for 15mph wouldn't go faster. I pulled code it said clutch solenoid, I replaced the solenoid. I was told easier to replace transmission then part by part in transmission. Replaced the transmission (used working) now no accacceleration unless you get up to almost 5rmps and it's a hit or miss. Checked the line for the transmission fluid made sure no air in the lines. Changed all the ignition coils. Cleaned all air flow sensors except one mass air flow sensors by the manifold before the engine (I missed it Haha) will do it tomorrow. Its 2wd overhaul Ford expedition yes the right transmission exactly the same one. I'm lost for ideas any recommendations?

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Jimm 9/17/2019

Sounds like a faulty used transmission. Hopefully, the one you have is under some sort of warranty.


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