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k.olson 5/23/2019

2009 BMW 535i xDrive Base 6 Cyl 3.00L


hesitation, rough idol, limp mode loss of power

I have 150,xxx on car. car starts. it has no problem rev-ing when i push the gas while in park. once I shift to drive, I get a rough idol that sounds deeper that it does when in park, like it is going to die. I then try go drive and when i hot about 5mph it goes into limp mode and has no reaction if I press the gas. If I then stop and put it in park, the car responses again and will rev up. I have cleaned the vanos, I have replaced plugs, both fuel pumps and sender unit, I have replaced valve cover and seal, I have walnut blasted the manifold, I do have injectors that do leak but not that bad, I have replaced coils, and just did water pump and thermostat.

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