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AE 12/20/2010

1996 Ford Taurus G 6 Cyl 3.00L

Body & Interior

Heater not working.Also gas gauge fluctuates

The heat and A/C worked when we bot this for our son last summer. Vehicle has about 78k miles. Dealer replaced B.O. radio. Didn't use heat until lately and found it doesnt work now. Have read online that radio is tied to the heat/ac controls. Could they have disconnected something in error? What to look for? Also, the gas guage bounces upand down sometimes and the horn has stopped working. Any suggestions there. thank you!

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Bobby 12/20/2010

The heat could have something to do with the control if they are on the same circuit. However more likely then not its probably something else like the blend door actuator not working any morebelow is a link to the actuator, this is part of the HVAC box and moves the blend door to change from hot to cold.

also this could be the blower motor, is any air coming out of the vents whenyou turn the fan on for the heat or a/c?


What does B.O. radio stand for?


Eric34 1/16/2011

i would like to know where are the freeze plugs locate?


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