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dumndac 11/12/2018

1998 Buick Century Limited 6 Cyl 3.10L

Body & Interior

Why does heater always blow cold air on driver's side?

- With temperature set to max on the HVAC head, middle-level vents blew cold air on drivers side (always) passenger side responded correctly to temp setting
- Reset by disconnecting battery for one hour
- After re-connection, started car and problem was solved; However, upon turning car off and onr, problem was back immediately
- Noticed that whenever HVAC was turned on, the A/C clutch was engaged (even though temp set high and ti was cold out)
- Disconnected fuse for A/C clutch -- driver side stayed cool (not cold). Temp setting still had not effect on driver side.
- After 10 minutes, tried lowering temp from max to min slowly, then raising to max. All of a sudden, hot air out of all vents
- Is there a driver side thermostat separate from the passenger side? Faulty thermostat? If it were just a faulty flap actuator that would not explain why the A/C clutch is engaged when it shouldn't be. Thermostat things it's too hot when it really isn't?
Thoughts appreciated...

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