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Casie 9/23/2012

1997 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 8 Cyl 5.4L


My heater and air conditioning are not working, air comes out, but it does not get cold (ac) or hot (heater).

We took it into a shop for the ac, and were told that we needed the air conditioning compressor replaced, after that we realized that the heat wasn't working either. We were wondering if the heat was linked to the ac compressor also, or if that was a seperate problem in itself?

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HouseCallAuto 9/23/2012

I'm surprised they could not discover that during their check out and diagnosis because it would be perfectly expected when you are diagnosing AC to at least turn the heater on as confirmation that there is not a blend door problem causing the AC not to work. And if I understand you correctly, they "fixed" the AC and delivered you back the truck with the AC working? how loong ago was the compressor done as to when you noticed the heat and now the AC is also not working? Ok, here is what you do. Start the truck and bring it up to full temperature. Rotate the temp control setting from cold to hot and wait like 30 seconds. Does the air change it's tone and / or it's temperature? Now, rotate the temp control setting from hot to cold and wait 30 seconds. does the air coming out change it's tone and / or temperature? if no change then you have a bad blend door actuator which is on the HVAC housing. if it does change let me know.


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