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pbry 2/25/2011

1998 Mazda B2500 SE 4 Cyl 2.5L

Preventive Maintenance

Heat comes out of vents even when it is not on

I live in Florida so turning the heater on is never done but I have heat coming from the vents. I haven't turned on the heat or a/c but still heat flows from the vents.

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Bill 2/25/2011

Even with temp control all the way off? Is this a sudden change?


pbry 2/26/2011

The control switch is off and the temp control is turned as cold as it will go. I don't even turn on the heat or a/c.


Bill 3/18/2011

On my mazda there isn't a blower shut off. the blower control has 3 positions, unfortuneatly 1 isn't off, Low,medium, and high, The only way to shut down is the vent position, and A/C control turned to the off position. The A/C compressor is running whether on heat or A/C so in winter I pull the A/C fuse for better fuel economy.


Sonny 3/18/2011

I had this same problem. I had a vacuum hose the size of a large wire coming from under my glove box that ran next to the Accumulator and into a control valve. The hose was broken. It could possibly be a control valve.


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