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ktimpon 3/27/2010

1998 Ford Expedition XLT 8 Cyl 5.40L


Only heat comes out of front vents whether control is on hot or cold. Rear vents work great cold or hot.

At first the front vents would get stuck on either cold or hot even when changing heat/cold control. If you changed the vent setting, it would sometimes change from cold to hot or vice versa. The repair shop replaced the blend door, said the heat was okay.YEs, the heat is okay, but now it is stuck on heat no mater what the temperature dial selection(hot/cold); or a/c, defrost, or floor/panel dial selection. Brought it back, They told me a wire was loose and all was okay....Still stuck on heat. Brought it back and they replaced the panel control fof the front vents. Still not okay. They are supposed to ask around and get back to me. They can't seem to figure it out. Any suggestions?

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HouseCallAuto 3/29/2010

Seems to me that this is a simple bad blend door ACTUATOR. They replaced the blend door but did they replace the electrical actuator that operates the blend door. It would seem not and I do not understand why. Unless the blend door was really broken at the time and they replaced the blend door and the actuator WAS working at that time only for it to fail shortly after you got your vehicle back. The blend door actuator is common. I am sure that you paid alot of $ to have the blend door replaced so if that were me, I would replace the actuator for the cost of the part (about $50) and not bill labor. Just for your own understanding.... the blend door actuator is an electric motor that moves when you change the position of the temperature knob from hot to cold or cold to hot. It moves the position of the blend door, blending hot and cold air to achieve what the temperature was that you dialed in. Final answer..:-)


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