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Michael Carmichael

Michae ... 12/7/2017

2012 Dodge Journey Crew 6 Cyl 3.60L

Body & Interior

heat in car passenger side cold, low heat when heat is in defrost mode

I added anti-freeze it take a very long time to get warm inside of car, defrost low heat,the passenger side cold

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roland 12/15/2017

I have the Mitchell repair manual for the vehicle but diagnosis of the problem and its solution would be aided if you could take advantage of the self-diagnostic capability that is present in the vehicle. So go to a nationwide auto parts store, such as Autozone, and ask for a fault code readout using a plug-in code reader. The codes are 4-digit numbers preceded by P or a B. Get the code(s) and ask for the code title.
Then let us know and we can go from there. I assume that there are a separate temperature control for the driver and passenger, corrct? And that the problem is on the passenger side. Defrost usually puts cold air on the windshield to evaporate off the condensation so when you use the setting it will feel cold for that reason.


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