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sarah 12/1/2015

1993 Buick Roadmaster Limited 8 Cyl 5.70L

Body & Interior

my heat only blows out the dash vents, not defrost or floor

the blower motor would constantly blow even when the car was turned off and the key was out. the only way to get it to stop was pull out the fuse, every time so it didnt drain battery. well i pulled the panel down on the passenger side and put a fuse holder wire connected to the blower motor wire with a toggle switch the toggle switch is a 20 amp switch, it blows on high i cant change the level of air that blows out , i had put a 20 amp fuse in the fuse holder but it had blown out right away, so i then put a 25 amp fuse in it. the wire is ran straight to the battery so i have heat. the system is climate control. it was ran like this for 2 years now and then the fuse must have blown and then it melted to the fuse holder, so i replaced it again yesterday, and now it only blows out my dash vents not my defrost or floor. i cant control it to switch modes but i can control the temp. what do i need to do, or rather why does it only blow out my dash vents and not my defrost and floor anymore.

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