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vueS2k 4/22/2010

2001 Honda S2000 Base 4 Cyl 2.0L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

i hear constant squealing grinding noise

i hear squealing/grinding noise from the rear wheel pass. side of my s2000...at first it only occurred occasionally when i turned left. then i took it to the shop and jacked up the rear end and wiggled the rear wheel and it was loose about 1/8 in. so i tighten up the wheel hub nut and everything was fine. then a few days later i heard constant squealing/grinding noise at the same area whenever the car moves at all speed ranges. i have a hunch that its my wheel bearing or hub is out. so i just ordered the wheel hub and bearing online because dealer its just way to pricey and i just want to make sure that im on the right track about this problem. please let me know if im wrong about anything...thank you

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vince^_^ 7/20/2010

Yes it is possible that your hub bearing is worn or defective. Check also your brake caliper piston see if it’s not sticking out.


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