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bgdad56 3/20/2010

1997 GMC Yukon SLT 8 Cyl 6.5L


My headlights turn off at night while i am driving they are off a few minutes then turn back on.

The marker lights stay on the hole time only the headlights go out pretty scarry. I did notice the day light running icon on my dash cluster comes on then the lights go out. Then when the day light cluser goes off the lights turn back on. i do not have lights on during the day and i have pushed the turn off switch for the day lights but that wasnt it please help. i did just installed fog light till i can get this fixed and it was broke before the fog lights.

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Ator27 3/20/2010

Try this during the day not driving PLEASE. Run the engine lights on and let the problem occur. When the lights stop working try clicking the dimmer on and off firmly. Then move the hazard in and out pushing it down firmly and wiggling side to side. If lights of any kind start dimming or going on or off you have a bad multifunction lever they are a common failure. Another thing is a unlabled relay in an electric center at the bottom of the steering column above where your left foot would be while driving. There may be 2 of them pull the out and check for burn marks or terminals.


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