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hankaa ... 1/18/2013

2002 Dodge Ram 1500 Base 8 Cyl 4.7L

Body & Interior

why does my headlights stay turned on when i turn the switch off?

when i turn the car off i go to turn the lights off and i push the knob in to turn the fogs off and turn it twice to the left for the headlights off and sometimes wen its on the off position all the lights kick on including fogs. it didnt happen everytime. i noticed it once in a while and i wud jus turn the switch to on and back to off till they actually were kept off. now i cant them to turn off at all. the trouble is they go off and then i look out the window in the driveway and my lights are on again by themselves. i was thinking it has to be the switch since the lights are coming on. if there was no light then it cud be wiring im thinking. i unplugged the light switch and the harness is just sitting there unplugged and that keeps the lights on too. im not sure if the harness would keep the lights on and wen u plug a switch the switch keeps them off? im not sure what the problem is but im leaning toward a new switch. i just hope im not stuck replacing the harness.

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