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Isaiah mendoza

Isaiah ... 5/26/2019

2013 BMW 328i Sport 4 Cyl 2.00L

Body & Interior

Headlights replacement

Is it possible for me to replace 2013 BMW 328I headlights with 2019 BMW 3 series headlights

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Jimm 5/26/2019

First question - are you referring to the left and right front headlamp assemblies?

If yes, then simply compare part numbers from any local auto salvage yards in your area, for the two vehicles.

2013 328i headlamp assemblies = #1307022793, 50475R, 63117182518, BM2519117 (BMW part numbers, left assembly)

2019 3 series headlamp assemblies = 873956302, 1EX01210275AB (BMW part numbers, left assembly)

Based on the initial comparison of the 2013 to 2019 part numbers - these are completely different and will not interchange. Best to check with the local salvage yards to confirm however.


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