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sandra 4/11/2010

1998 Ford Taurus SE 6 Cyl 3.0L


Why do my headlights burn out at the same time?

I have changed both headlights and two days after changing them I switched them off and on several times to use them as a signal and they burnt out. Is this a voltage problem. Is this a common problem for this make and model?

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HouseCallAuto 4/12/2010

It says that you need to have someone check the charging voltage as it is likely overcharging. Sometimes the internal voltage regulator fails and the voltage which should be about 14.5 volts goes crazy and can go to 16 or 18 volts and I have seen higher. The headlights which are rated much lower than that do not like high voltage so they burn out. Not a common problem on this vehicle.


Ray 4/12/2010

It is very lilely thathe person changing the bulbs touched the glass envelope for the bulbs. The skin oils on the fingers can focus the heat in the bulbs to a smaller area of the bulb, namely the fingerprint. This focused heat can shatter the bulb when it is used, even for a short time. Carefully clean the glass with a good glass cleaning product, dry it twice, making sure that there are no fingerprints on the bulb. Then, using the base only, install the bulb. If, for some reason, thebulb was not properly installed, it is also possible for the stress to cause failure when illuminated. Ray


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