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ryan 2/18/2012

2003 Honda Accord EX 4 Cyl 2.40L

Body & Interior

Headlight specialists? A couple problems with AM heads?

Swapped factory headlamps for a pair of Spyder projector halogens. Halos around low and high beams. Three LED's at the bottom. The halos and LED's give off a blue-white light, and the h1 bulbs that came with them give off a standard, gross yelllowish light. My goal was to find a set of h1 bulbs to match the color of light to the halos and LED's because to me it looks a bit strange with the yellow light. Bought some Nokya's but they were extremely dim, and I noticed those bulbs were 80w bulbs compared to the 55w bulbs that came with the headlights. So now I'm trying to find a 12v 55w h1 bulb that will give a blue-white light, maybe somewhere around 5000k-5600k? Shouldn't be too hard to find, but then I am gonna have to get the beams aligned and lighting up the right part of the roadway. Where's the best place to get them aligned properly? Every time the guy at my shop aligns them they never look right when I get out on the road at night. I don't want to be pulled over cause of my beams.

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