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john navrkal

john ... 5/30/2011

1980 Mercury Marquis Base 8 Cyl 5.8L

Body & Interior

headlight covers wont go down

the select year cat. only went down to 1980. My car is a 1975 Marquis w/ modified 357-400 ci. I dont know if its related but the ac pully is bad so I disconected it Also what are the things that opperate the auto headligt covers called? knowbody seems to know. Are they hydrolic or gnumatic?

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Bill 5/30/2011

There should be a bypass valve in which will keep covers in open position, but to answer your question, they should be vacuum operated,thus a small crack or hole in hoses will dramatically effect them operating properly.


john navrkal 5/30/2011

How is it powered? Electic motor or a vacume hose from the pully system.


Bill 5/31/2011

No pulleys no electric motor. just bellow container and mechanical switch

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