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zgrubbs 1/7/2013

1991 Honda Civic DX 4 Cyl 1.5L


Head lights dim, stereo looses power when brakes applied

head lights dim & stereo/CD player looses power briefly when brakes are applied. Sporadic problem but occurs more often when it's cold. Replaced steering column switch but no change. Hear a click sometimes. Once lost all headlights, interior lights/dash lights & running lights but brake lights still worked. Was able to get head lights on by holding light stem towards driver. Releasing lever & lights turned off.

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hikegnp 1/28/2013

You might check all of you brake lights and make sure there is not any water in a socket. I had a car that was blowing a fuse when the lights were turned on and once I pulled out the light bulbs and cleaned the contacts off, the problem went away. Must have had enough moisture or debris that was causing the short.


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