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Logan 8/28/2019

2006 Dodge Dakota ST 6 Cyl 3.70L


Hard time firing up and having the code p0335

Hi i been having this problem with my truck where it have a hard time cranking especially after the engine gets warm so I changed out the crankshaft sensor thinking it might be the problem but the problem haven't went away. Now however I got the p0335 code for the Crank shaft sensor and i can't get it to go away. When I do get my truck to start it will misfire like crazy and I change the crank sensor three times to see if it was a faulty sensor but the problem still repeats. I'm thinking to try the crank shaft relearn procedure next but wanted to see on anybody's thoughts about the p0335 code or about getting my truck to actually fire up normally?

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Teddy B

Teddy B 8/28/2019

I think you need a repair Shop that can put an Oscilloscope on the crank & cam sensors

You could be looking at worn timing chain,chain guides or cam actuators,not the crank sensor.

No idea why you would change any part until you do the testing to find a problem requiring parts.

Three times,indicates you have a lot of studying to do,many years worth,till then seek help at a shop.

Teddy B

Logan 8/29/2019

Thanks for the advice. Figure it out after took it to a friend's mechanic. It was the wiring harness for the crank shaft sensor that was causing the code and my truck having a hard time start.Truck runs good now

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