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alaskaboy 10/2/2012

1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 6 Cyl 4.0L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

why there is a grinding noise in my rear differential

i noticed a slight grinding noise as i was driving. as time has gone on it has gotten worse. it sounds like metal rubbing against metal and replacing the rear rotors, calipers, brakes and bearings did not stop the issue. when the jeep is jacked up and rear tires are off the ground you cannot hear it. this happens all the time regardless of temperature or terrain. there are also no warning lights. the jeep is two wheel drive and has 170000 miles on it. thanks for your help.

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HouseCallAuto 10/3/2012

You have a bad axle bearing or a bad pinion bearing. There are also carrier bearing inside the differential. determine if the noise is from the center of the rear axle, the pass side or the driver side. Do that by riding in the back and listening and changing locations as the vehicle is being driven by your assistant.


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