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jempey 3/16/2019

2002 GMC Sierra 2500 HD SL 8 Cyl 6.00L


gmc 2002 2500hd abs and speedo not working , no codes stored , light on

6.0 l gas engine, 4wd , 2002 2500hd auto trans , manual t.case, the abs lamp is on , the speedo doesn't work , originally a VSS code, replaced with aftermarket part , still same , checked wiring from VSS to PCM and the wires are ok . when i clear the ABS codes then the ABS lamp remains on , but no codes are stored ??? everybody says this is impossible ??? i replaced the ABS module with a repaired one from USA , and tried 2 used ABS modules, , still the same the ABS lamp remains on , if i unplug the front wheel ABS sensors the module recognizes them as open and sets a code, reattach wires and the module recognizes that they are ok now . sometimes when i unplugged the VSS it shows an open circuit , sometimes not . wires checked , 2 used,1 rebuilt module , rebuilt PCM installed , new ac delco VSS , now code no VSS output , clear code , ABS lamp stays lit , NO codes ???? checked wires at ABS module ok , cleaned all grounds to frame , drive and ABS and brake/emer light comes on ,

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