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ale 6/30/2010
1988 Honda CRX DX 7.4L - Transmissions & Drivetrains
what gear ratio does my trans have (l3-1475410) D15B(7-8?)
i bought a tranny out of a junkyard and it had a STOCK gold sticker, code on it was l3-1475410 i want to know if is the low 5-spd tranny, it came out of a honda civic wagon 1987-1992? lol idk it had the 1980s civic break lights but it was a wagon,....
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  • Chiekotz
    Chiekotz 7/8/2010
    wagon? i dont think there is a wagon for the civic, or is it a hatchback?

    Its a short ratio by the way

    4.25 final drive ratio, 1st and 2nd gear ratios of 3.25 and 1.9 respectively

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