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yo 12/6/2010
1980 Volkswagen Super Beetle Base 4 Cyl 1.6L - Engine
why do i get fuel in my valve cover
2 Answers
  • Nissan Technical Advisor
    The fuel that goes inside the valve is in fluid state or just a fume? The only possible way the fuel (but impossible) can go inside or on top of the valve assembly is the PCV valve through its hose connecting to the intake manifold; or the leaking carburetor (if equipped) or fuel rail sits on top or side of the valve cover and the cover gasket is worn out already that allow seeping the fuel inside the valve cover.
  • Vikki
    Vikki 1/7/2011
    mine had bad injector seals and injectors were weaping fuel after turning vehicle off. I have a 1986 4cyl 1.8 and am trying to keep it going. It's great when it runs right. My 4th one since 1978.

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