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memphi ... 7/30/2010

1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 8 Cyl 5.20L


fuel pump or something else?

I was on the interstate and my jeep started bumping around (almost like I ran over something) then died. Thought I smelled something funny, but not sure. No check engine light came on. (Was running just fine before hand). Tried to crank it back up, but it just kind of sputtered, although it seemed to be cranking just fine. Kept trying and the sputtering stopped, but just kept on cranking. Now if I crank it, it turns over fine, but just wont start.

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HouseCallAuto 7/31/2010

The cause is likely to be a bad crank sensor or bad cam sensor. The easier thing to change is the cam sensor which is located under the distributor cap, looks like a round black plastic plate. Read the fault codes stored in the vehicle computer with a code reader. The code could pinpoint which one is the cause.


memphispoet 7/31/2010

Thank you! My bro in law has it. I'll let him know.


memphispoet 8/1/2010

replaced crank sensor, no luck.

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