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Jerry Howell

Jerry ... 8/28/2011

1997 Jeep Wrangler (TJ) SE 4 Cyl 2.5L


fuel pump not sending fuel to engine

bought jeep, tank had hole in it. Got tank at salvage yard. Used the working pump assembly from original tank since it was working. The unit did sit 6 months before I got around to assemble and mount. Could seals / pump have gone bad?

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TechSam 8/28/2011

First of all make sure the fuel pump works when you cycle the ignition switch if it does then you might need the crank sensor. And make sure you didnot pinched the fuel line while puting up the tank?


Jerry Howell 8/28/2011

Thanks man.....I really hate to have to pull the tank again as it is an ordeal to do by myself. All electric fuel pumps I have dealt with before ( most mounted externally under the frame ) you could hear click from drivers seat......do you know if you should be able to hear this unit clicking from the drivers seat? Also do you thin the pump could have gone bad just sitting....it was never left out in the weather. I guess I should have wrapped it in plastic didn't know pump was in gas level unit

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