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kevin 4/14/2010
1996 GMC C1500 Sierra SLE 6 Cyl 4.3L - Engine
where is the fuel pressure regulator on 4.3vortec
could the n tank strainer dirty cause truck not to start
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  • JunkFixer
    JunkFixer 7/5/2010
    This truck will be equipped with the 4.3L "W" engine, which has the multec injection system. The fuel pres regulator is inside the intake manifold mounted to the injector pack. The one inside the fuel tank near the pump is the pulsation damper.

    Nominal fuel pressure for this system is 60psi. There MUST be a minimum of 51psi fuel pres for the engine to start. Test fuel pressure.
  • Bobby
    Bobby 4/14/2010
    this should be throttle body injection, pretty sure regulator is in tank with the fuel pump assembly. A dirty strainer could cause truck not to start. Are you certain you are losing fuel, check your fuel pump relay and fuse before dropping the tank just to make sure you don't go doing unnecessary work.
  • Arntech
    Arntech 7/5/2010
    on a 4.3 vortec with cpi (spider injector) one is on the spider injector and the one in the fuel tank is the sending unit.

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