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757TP 7/8/2011

2004 Dodge Grand Caravan SE 6 Cyl 3.30L


Why does fuel gauge drop to empty and low fuel light comes on with plenty of gas in tank?

Happened twice. No pattern. Weeks between incidents. Engine starts normally but stalls. Restarts normally. Put it in gear and fuel gauge goes to empty and low fuel light comes on. Stalls if put in gear and attempt to drive. Engine runs for a few minutes then gauge goes to correct level, light off and car runs normally.

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Jimm 7/8/2011

May be related to the fuel sending unit is faulty, or the sending relay or fuse, or wiring / connection is faulty or making poor contact.


757TP 7/9/2011

So maybe the sending unit and the fuel pump are failing? Answers the question why the engine stalls when the light is on? Replace pump/sending unit before it fails completely??

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