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Luis 1/10/2021

2003 Honda Civic EX 4 Cyl 1.70L

Steering & Suspension

My front end started shaking when I hit about 50 mph. What is causing it?

Tremendous shaking when driving

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Teddy B

Teddy B 1/10/2021

Could be ten different things.

To Shake Really Bad --- Lack of Brake Maintenance --Rotor,Caliper & Fluid issues --Basically Neglect.

Worn Ball Joints -- on Hondas & several others --The Front Lower Joints --lots of You Tube Video on it.

Wheels Out of Balance --Weights Came Off,never balanced correctly,tire with internal construction issues.

Failed Wheel Bearings,Tie Rods Worn

Struts/Shocks Worn,Top Bearing Support on Struts

You get the idea --- the Entire Front End needs to be inspected & I would guess at least two items
taken care of.

The front end shake doesn't just start one day ---you kind of know something isn't right,then it gets worse.

Ask your self --- Do you EVER look at,push pull,test or do anything a couple times a year to make
sure you vehicle is in good shape BEFORE you have issues.

Preventative Maintenance --- That is what it is called & seldom ever done for fear of cost,not liking
repair shops or any business.

Only those that work on their own vehicles avoid problems or quickly & less expensively resolve them


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