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gercan ... 2/12/2012

2005 Scion tC Base 4 Cyl 2.4L


The front rotors and brakes squeak like medal grinding together after having my rotors replaced and screech when i brake

My 05 scion tc has about 110,000 miles on it. I had the right wheel bearing replaced like 6 months ago and now that I had replaced the front rotors and brakes replaced they screetch when the car is either cold or warm when i brake. It happens only when i brake at any speed every time. i noticed it happening a week later. I do have a engine check light on as i am also trying to replace some OEM emmissions parts. My Tire pressure light has been on too and i've check all the tires of their pressure and all are fine. There are no signs of any nails, screws or sharp objects that could penetrate the tires. I would like to know how i could define this as or how i could approach a dealership mechanic. thank you, Jorge C. @ [email protected]

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lets fix it

lets fix it 9/11/2012

The way you asked your question would be very informative to the tech at the dealership. give full details of past repairs when taking your car to any shop,it greatly helps.


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