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mike 12/30/2016

2015 GMC Sierra 2500 HD Base 8 Cyl 6.00L


my front passenger side brakes keep locking up. i have already replaced the caliper and all brake pads.

Brakes worked for three days then failed again. The only way to release them was to open bleeder screw. The system has ABS. And also hydro boost. I can not retract caliper pistons . Fluid will not flow back up to master cylinder. The only way is to open bleeder screw. Then she you drive and put on the brakes the front brakes apply and will not release

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Jimm 12/30/2016

Several possibilities; faulty or collapsed front brake hoses, contaminated brake fluid, twisted or kinked brake hoses at the caliper.


mike 12/30/2016

Thank you I did notice that my brake fluid was green. Strange color for brake fluid. Also the truck is used by 6 different employees so this is possible Evan though all 6 people deny adding any fluid. Thank you


Samuel 12/30/2016

I agree with Jimm. The rubber brake hose at the caliper is broken inside causing the the fluid to go one way out but not releasing. Replace the hose on both sides and bleed the system.


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