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jason 5/10/2012
2003 Saturn Vue Base 6 Cyl 3.0L - Brakes
right front caliper stays in break mode,it is a new caliper because the same problem damaged original one
installed new caliper because pistons would not go back in and it got so hot it damaged caliper and break pads,,the new one is doing the same thing only on right front side,what is causing this,,does the emergency break activate anything to cause this
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  • jason
    jason 5/11/2012
    After 2 days of work I found that break hose was falling apart inside,enough fluid from pressure was getting to caliper,but since hose is blocked off most of the way,,breaking system would not let breaks release, causing pistons to not pull back in to release breaks,,
  • d-rock
    d-rock 10/8/2012
    I have the exact same situation here Jason. A friend told me their daughters car needed front brakes. When I got it, it was one of the worst I've seen damage wise. The front calipers were almost all the way extended, the rubber seals that keep the brake fluid in were all tattered and almost non existant. the rotors wore so far on one side that they were almost completely through the one side into the ribs. It created so much heat from the metal grinding it melted the speed sensor. $350 in parts!

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