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Patric Collins

Patric ... 3/18/2016

1999 GMC T6500 F6B042 6 Cyl 7.20L


the front brakes lock up

the vehicle was towed to shop with a no start, while towing brakes were applied and there was a large pop coming from the front. Once the vehicle was started, (we found it low on oil so would not start). the brakes were dragging, no make a long story short, both callipers, flex lines and all steel lines have been replaced to master and the ABS module, nothing change brakes still would come on and lock up brakes after about 5 kms. We disconnected the ABS module and had some real different results, were able to drive for about 20 kms before brakes started locking up. I have come to the conclusion that the problem lies in the ABS module. Am I right

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