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atwooder 4/5/2012

2009 BMW 328i xDrive Base 6 Cyl 3.0L

Steering & Suspension

Frequent tire replacement?

52000 miles. Used car I am looking into buying on-line. Checked the carfax. Shows there has been a tire replaced 5 speparat occasions during its life. Called the dealer that did the work, they said the customer must have hit a lot of potholes and that they replaced the tires due to bubbling. Is this something I should be concerned about?

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yboy82 4/9/2012

Prolonged driving on overloaded/underinflated tires or a road hazard are the most likely causes, if the sidewall separation/bubble appears after six months of on-vehicle service. However it may take weeks or months after an impact for a separation/bubble to appear as the damaged or bruised area continues to weaken. I would suggest that before you buy he vehicle the suspension system should be check by your friend/trusted mechanic. Because if the past owner hit a lot of potholes like the dealer said the suspension of the vehicle should be affected.


racel4750 3/18/2013

Recommend wheel alignment first to see what's wrong w/ the suspension& steering. Could be also bent wheels from hitting those pot hole.


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