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charles woodrum

charle ... 3/22/2010

2003 Ford Taurus SE 6 Cyl 3.0L


Ford Taurus SE won't start when hot.

When car is driven a couple hours and turned off for a couple minutes, car cranks and fires but will not restart. Wait 20 minutes and it starts and runs fine. Also in winter car has to be started 2 times to keep running. Have run diagnostic, but nothing. Please Help!! Charlie

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Bobby 3/22/2010

With no code its gonna be hard to find whats causing it. This sounds like a sensor issue, possibly a MAF sensor, crankshaft position sensor or a coolant sensor could cause this problem, after they warm up they possibly lose the contact or don't send a correct signal. Has the vehicle had a tune-up new plugs wires? Also on this vehicle i would check it for spark when its cranking and not starting, I have seen intermittent issues with the coil packs on fords, A spark tester is pretty cheap at a local auto supply store. What you can do is when you stop the car after running it for a while if it starts to crank and not start attach the spark tester and crank to see if there is spark if not try changing the coil pack. But again you have to catch it when its not starting


sadot 11/17/2012

are the screws that hold down the coil pack tight?
is there any white goo under the coil pack to help pull the heat away from the coil pack?


HouseCallAuto 11/17/2012

You will only be able to diagnose this with confidence if you do your basic checks DURING the time it WILL NOT START. Diagnostics done when it starts and runs fine is useless. I understand you are saying that no fault codes are setting? When it will not start, check for ignition spark, check fuel injector pulse and check fuel pressure and check for vehicle communication with a code reader. Update with results


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