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Tony Eads

Tony Eads 6/9/2012

2008 Ford Explorer XLT 6 Cyl 4.0L

Steering & Suspension

What ford manufactured wheels will fit on my Explorer?

I want something larger to fill up my fender wells and would rather use ford manufactured parts. Would like to know if F150 or a larger Explorer wheel would fit could you please inform me on what all would fit my explorer with out hampering performance or causing damage. Thank you!

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Jimm 6/9/2012

Check with the many on-line tire sources, such as; Discount Tire, Tire Rack - for the wheel and tire combinations that might fit your vehicle. You'll need the wheel size; such as 15 x 8 inch (for example) as well as the bolt spacing (distance between centers of the wheel bolts) dimension - to make an accurate comparison.


Tony Eads 6/11/2012

Thank you for the info. Love my explorer just not happy with the space in the fender wells. Don't want to make it look ridiculous just want it to be semetric. The body looks a bit too large for the wheels.


Beelzebubba 10/10/2012

If you haven't found new wheels yet, take a look at the 18" chrome Explorer wheels. They were optional on the 2006-2010 Eddie Bauer and standard on the Limited.


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